Jewelry Care

We recommend the following steps when it comes to taking care of your Sterling Silver Jewelry: 

1. Wash your hands before wear. Oils from lotions, creams, foods, etc., can tarnish the jewelry faster than normal. 

2. When you're not wearing your jewelry, we recommend placing them in a closed container, such as a sandwich bag, to avoid open air exposure. This will help prevent tarnishing! 

3. Avoid swimming in pools or the ocean with your silver pieces! The salt and heavy chemicals can potentially cause damage. 

But what if my pieces are tarnished? 

Easy fix! Use either a jewelry cloth or sterling silver liquid cleaner to clean the tarnish away. Do NOT leave your jewelry in the liquid cleaner for more than a few seconds. Afterwards, wash it with soap and water to get the remaining solution out of your jewelry.

Leaving it in the solution for too long can permanently damage your piece. In this case, less is more! 

We sell polishing cloths and cleaner if you need any!